Your high-quality siding contractors, Richmond, VA. 

Siding is your first defense against the elements. And your home’s first impression. Few home improvement projects offer such diversity in appearance. Fewer provide such vital protection.

Siding protects the structural integrity of your home. It keeps the elements out, protects your foundation, and contributes to the overall energy efficiency of your home. So when it comes to siding replacement, choose one of the best siding companies Richmond, VA, has to offer.


Why choose us as your siding contractors Richmond, VA?

What makes quality? Is it nearly 40 years of experience? Is it high-quality equipment? Is it our highly trained experts? All of that and more. But what makes us different as a siding installation company is our reputation. You can trust the complete siding installation Service by Woodel Roof Systems. In the ever-competitive market of siding contractors, trust our past clientele.

We used Woodel for both our roof and siding. The company was great to work with, professional, on time, and the work is top notch… Our neighbor recommended Woodel to us and we have recommended them… When the crew left they took the mess with them, the job site was cleaned every day. We will be using Woodel in the future for window replacement.

~David Nichols, satisfied homeowner.

Siding Repair Richmond, VA

We’ve been around the block and know you are in need of some high-quality siding, Richmond VA! Look out for blistering, bulging, warping, and sagging. If your siding is corroding, crumbling, or softening, it’s not doing its job. Don’t let those minor eyesores fester into major problems. Luckily, we’re experts in solving these problems. Every house is unique, and so are our solutions. With our siding replacement, we match the color and appearance of your original siding so your home will look as good as the day it was built.

Siding installation Richmond

We provide the high-quality siding installation Richmond homeowners need and deserve. Just like a roof, siding needs to be replaced every few decades. It can be stressful to trust contractors with your home. But that’s why we value open and honest communications. So let’s walk you through the process.

  • First, we prep your property. We clear the area around your house to protect your outdoor belongings.
  • Next, we remove the existing siding and inspect the underlying structure. Inspection is vital in siding installation. Richmond is known for its weather extremes. You never know what you might find, but it saves the homeowners trouble down the line.
  • We then apply a weather barrier and waterproofing before we install the new siding.
  • We add trim and other finishing touches to polish your appearance.
  • Finally, we clean up our worksite to complete the siding installation Richmond, VA can be proud of.

Window Replacement Richmond, VA

Siding and window replacement go together if you are looking for optimal exterior protection. We recommend window installation alongside siding because, when done concurrently, we can cap around the window replacement. That greatly boosts insulation and energy efficiency.

Check your windows for broken seals, rotting, or cracking. If you’re experiencing drafts, condensation, or high energy bills, you might need a window replacement. Richmond, VA, has sweltering summers and freezing winters. Bad windows lead to moisture, heat or cooling loss, and pesty insects. Replacement windows keep your ideal temperature in and moisture out!

How long does it take to install a window replacement?

Our timelines are always project specific so no window is exactly the same. Timing may vary depending on the size of the windows and the project’s complexity. Nonetheless, we work efficiently to provide the best quality while minimizing the disruption to your home or business.

How do you measure windows for replacements?

If you want to measure for new replacement windows, you’ll need the window opening’s width, height, and depth. Measure the width from the inside edge of the jamb to the opposite inside edge. Do this for the top, middle, and bottom, using the smallest measurement as the width. For height, measure from the top inside edge of the jamb to the bottom inside edge of the jamb. Do this for the left, center, and right. Use the smallest measurement as the height. For depth, measure from the jamb’s inside to the exterior trim’s outside. With that, you’ll have the three measurements necessary for replacement windows.

    Need new siding Richmond, VA? Look no further!

    Woof Roof Systems has over 39 years of serving your community. Trust the contractors your neighbors keep coming back to. Trust one of our specialists to examine your house and give you an honest estimate. Quality makes a difference that your home deserves. Contact us today for an estimate!.

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